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Agro-Forestry - the heart of our project work

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This is a part of our new English translated website,
translated by Rynya Kollias, who is a poet: www.rynya.de

Sustained land use through Agro-Forestry

The combination of forest and field secures sustainable land use, especially in the hot climates of the world.
To achieve this unit of forest and land, the field- and forest partitions may either be layed out side by side in
checkerboard-format or else the crops can be planted in the shade of the trees (Alley-farming)..

The forest protects
the agricultural soils

The forest has a positive effect on the adjoining fields and pastures and therefore has an important role to play.
Forests protect the soils from water- and wind-erosion
and reduce the dehydration of the soils during the dry periods.
Forests supply fertiliser for the fields and provide a moderate climate.
Due to this, the soil yield can be sustained and increased in many regions.
Fruit trees complete the agricultural production.
Indigenous species are often used for medical purposes and
some fast-growing tree types are especially good for fuel wood usage.

Agriculture provides livelihood for the people

In the shade of the trees the following fruits get planted:
Yams, Maniok, Sweet potatoes, Corn, Pepper, Tomatoes, Pineapple and many more.
The fields can also yield enough during dry years.
Through these incomes, the people can make investments on their own.
They often wish for the construction of a well at first, then for a school and a health post.

Nature, beneficiary of the new cultivation concept

Furthermore, growing forests conserves CO2 and reduces the greenhouse effect.
Extreme climate changes can also be reduced.
Trees provide water balance and increase the amount of rainfalls.
Trees provide the most effective protection against the spread of desserts.

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