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The Principles of our project work

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translated by Rynya Kollias, who is a poet: www.rynya.de
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Motivation of the people

The decisive supposition for the success of the reforestation projects
lies in the will-power of the people, to stand up for their own future.
The educational work can only give an impulse to the people,
to take their lives into their own hands.
Because people cannot be evolved, they can only evolve themselves 1).
The first tree can only be planted when
"the forest has already been shaped in the minds of the pepople" 2).
If the people can't be convinced of the advantages of the forest,
then the project has to be given up, because it will fail.

Usage of a tried concept "Agro-Forestry:”

Since the beginning of its foundation, the African Reforestation Union
has realized Agro-Forestry-Projects.
Herewith Agriculture and Forestry are interwoven into a new concept of land use.
The fields can be farmed sustainable and with higher profits
and can thus secure the existence of the rural population.
Moreover, crop yields from the forests, such as fruits,
healing substances and firewood complement the agricultural products.
Recent scientific experiences are taken into consideration,
as well as the traditional knowledge of the chiefs, herbalists and healers.

Contribution of the people

From the start onwards the village people are involved
in the development of the Agro-Forestry-System.
The initiative towards a project often comes from the people themselves.
They relate their wishes and the valuable knowledge of the eldest concerning regional healing- and
agricultural plants are integrated into the concepts of the Agro-Forestry-System.
The people carry out the necessary jobs by themselves, with some exceptions, for example well
construction. Here, the help of experts is needed..

Support from specialists, politicians and authorities

Whenever possible, the responsible ministeries and authorities are involved in the task at hand.
Their knowledge and contacts serve as a valuable support.
Their support increases the acceptance and duration of each project.
The African Reforestation Union is supported by scientists from Germany and Ghana.


The Agro-Forestry-System has many advantages for the farmers.
The farmers care for and protect the forests in their own interest
because there is a quick recognition of success (selling of crop at the market).

Definite property rights

Before a project can begin, the property rights have to be definite.
This is determined in the relevant community.
Through this, differences can be avoided,
which would otherwise have endangered reforestation.

Coordination with land use regulation

The reforestation areas have to lie outside the construction development plans.
Neither roads nor village expansion should threaten the growing forests.
We receive the necessary information from the communities, the authorities and ministeries.

Incentives of the projects - Contests

The African Reforestation Union started a contest
to motivate the people for protecting the environment.
Those individuals, communities or schools are given an award,
that have taken special measurements in planting and caring for trees.

Those people awarded the title "Mother/Father of trees" are highly appreciated.

1) Quote by Julius Nyerere, former president of Tanzania
2) Quote by Michael Yao Tomfeah, Chairman of the African Reforestation Union

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